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10 июля 2017 00:00

Press materials on the festival Bridge of Arts 2017

Press materials on the festival Bridge of Arts 2017

23-27 August 2017 III International Motivational Film Festival  Bridge of Arts  will Take Place in Rostov-on-Don. The festival will include full-length and short film competition program, out-of-competition screenings, business forum of film and media content, sport events and meetings with Russian and foreign cinema and sport celebrities.  

All events of  Bridge of Arts  are aimed at building creative environment that will allow participants to contribute to film industry development, learn about new film content creation and feel the vibes of the Russian southern capital. Both tourists and viewers will have a chance to attend spectacular events. Film lovers will be offered a unique selection of motivational films.

We bring press materials to your attention. You can use them  both completely and partially:
1. Image poster
2. Logo of the Festival
3. Photos of the festival 2016
4. Press release: The dates of the festival and the jury (11.07.17)
5. Photos of the members of the jury
6. Press release: Program of the main competition (24.07.17)
7. Press release: Business program of Bridge of Arts (02.08.17)
8. Press release: Program of the contest "Russia inspires!" (07.08.17)
9. Post-release: The opening ceremony (25.08.17)
10. Photos from the opening ceremony
11. Post-release: BRIDGE of ARTS became the first Russian film festival to join European Children's Film Association (27.08.17) 12. Post-release: Bridge of Arts finished on Rssian cinema day (29.08.17) 13. Photos from the closing ceremony

For more information and upcoming film screenings visit official site www.imff.ru  and social networking groups:  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bridgeofarts/?pnref=story  Vkontakte: https://vk.com/bridge_of_arts               Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bridge_of_arts_2017/